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During all wars it was a common practice for young airmen to name their ‘planes after the girls and places they left behind. Others were named after well known  songs of the time and many featured pin up girls. It was a way of keeping close to what they had left behind. Now fighting overseas, they adorned their fighters and bombers with such names as Dinahmight, Shoo Shoo Baby, Chopper Popper, Naval Body, Crater Maker, and Vals Avenger.

now brings those glory days back to life with these reproduction Nose Art Panels. Choose from one of the designs shown in the gallery, or let me create one of yours, either way we know you will be pleased.

These Nose Arts Panels are copied from actual aircraft that existed, fighters, bombers and helicopters from WW2 to Vietnam and through to the Gulf War.


The panels are extremely authentic reproductions made from aluminium and scaled down from aircraft nose panels complete with rivets, inspection panels and curvature of the plane. Each panel is approx 30" x 20"(depending on size of original panel) with two metal D rings on the rear, so they can be wall mounted easily.

All panels will be made to order, they are hand crafted from aluminium sheets, riveted and hand painted. I do not use decals.*

Commissions for Nose Art panels are also welcomed. Have you seen a panel you would like me to make? Let me know.

FULL SIZE NOSE ART PANELS... THE REAL THING! Full Nose Art are life-size aircraft panels! Imagine owning a part of aviation history on the your office, your clubhouse, or your home, imagine the side of a WWII bomber or a gulf war fighter hanging on your wall. These full size nose art panels can be made of virtually any aircraft you desire, Each panel will be hand crafted to meet the same measurements of the plane to look like it was cut off the real plane. The panel and frame is constructed from aircraft grade aluminium and painted with high quality enamel paint just like the original. Pricing is between £400.00 - £2000 depending on the artwork panelling and materials involved. If you are interested in having a full size panel done, please email or call

Call now on 07599002765 or E-mail

Thanks for visiting and please browse our web site and let me know if we can help.


* Many post WW2 i.e.The Gulf and Afghanistan aircraft used vinyl decals, these will be used in this case.


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